EPG Engines Wraps Up Successful Kohler Engine Training at Hiab Australia

The EPG Engines team just wrapped up providing a very informative and worth while 2-day training course at Hiab Australia in Dandenong, Melbourne. This was not just any training; it was an in-depth exploration of Kohler engines, hosted by our very own Stephen Kenna, EPG Queensland and Tasmania's OEM/Dealer Manager, and Karl Bunzel, EPG National Technical Support Manager.

                EPG Engines sharing our Kohler Engines expertise with Hiab crew     

The training recap

The training delved into the intricate details of the Kohler KDI series and introduced fresh insights into the newly launched KSD Series engines. By the end of the workshop, the Hiab crew were essentially Kohler experts! One of the highlights was the discussion on the remarkable Kohler Integrated Remote Assistance (KIRA) tool - a cutting-edge technology that assists technicians in troubleshooting these engines efficiently.

But the theory was only a part of the experience; we also engaged in practical exercises, such as engine teardown and reassembly. This hands-on approach ensured that the Hiab team not only gained knowledge but also the skills and confidence needed to maintain and repair Kohler engines effectively. We also covered the proper use of all specialised tools, equipping the team with the fitting kit for the job.

The training outcomes

Overall, the training sessions were a great success, with a vibrant exchange of knowledge and enthusiasm from the Hiab team. This collaboration has undoubtedly strengthened our relationship and will benefit all involved, ensuring the HIAB crew will keep their Kohler engines keep running smoothly, and keeping us all up to date on the latest info to benefit customers!

At EPG Engines, we are committed to sharing our expertise and building strong partnerships within the industry. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and collaborations!