EPG Engines: Leading the way in Kohler Petrol and Kohler Diesel Engines

EPG Engines is Australia’s central distributor of Kohler Engines and Kohler Diesel Engines. We have been a proud distributor of Kohler since 1980.

To complement our range of engines, we also have a range of Kohler Power Equipment, including transfer pumps, trash pumps and portable generators.

EPG Engines is committed to providing exceptional quality engines, engine parts and accessories, and generators to the Australian market through our Dealer and OEM network.

 Dealer Network product display

Dealer Network

Our Australia-wide Expert and Authorised Dealer Network is dedicated to distributing Kohler Petrol Engines and Kohler Diesel Engines to a range of end users in industries including agriculture, construction, automotive and general industry. Our 227 expert and authorised petrol dealers and 64 expert and authorised Diesel dealers provide engine service and repairs as well as genuine replacement parts and engine accessories for all of our engine products.

To ensure our dealers are able to provide end users with superior levels of customer satisfaction and service, EPG Engines have successfully launched an online ordering system allowing dealers to conveniently check the list and buy price of all products, access account information, access engine and engine parts availability, and place orders online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The knowledge and skills of our dealers is consistently maintained by the delivery of timely product information, specialist technical advice and regular training.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)
In addition to our dealer network, EPG Engines has maintained strong partnerships with Australia’s leading OEMs. These equipment manufacturers are proud to power their machinery with quality Kohler Petrol engines and Kohler Diesel engines.