Agfest 2024 Highlights: Lucas Mill and EPG Engines in Action

We’re excited to share our latest adventures and collaborations with Lucas Mill at Agfest 2024 in Tasmania! The event was held from 2nd – 4th May, Agfest brought together over 60,000 shoppers and 601 exhibitors for a celebration of agriculture and innovation. It’s an annual event that not only showcases the latest advancements in the industry but also provides a platform for businesses like ours to connect with enthusiasts and professionals.

Lucas Mill and EPG Engines: Powering Innovation

At Agfest 2024, we had the privilege of witnessing the incredible synergy between leading brands in the field. Among them, Lucas Mill stood out with an impressive showcase of their 10/30 Sawmill, a testament to precision engineering and unwavering performance.

But what truly set this sawmill apart was its beating heart: the Kohler EFI V-Twin Engine, proudly supplied by EPG Engines. As the trusted partner behind the scenes, we are passionate about delivering solutions that empower farmers, hobbyists, and professionals alike to achieve their goals with unmatched reliability and efficiency.

Our very own Stephen Kenna, EPG Tasmania’s OEM/Dealer Manager, had the pleasure of rubbing shoulders with Ian Schulz from Lucas Mill at the event. Their shared expertise for the robust sawmill and the Kohler engine was palpable, reflecting the passion and dedication we bring to every partnership.

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