Lombardini Marine Generators



Lombardini Marine Generators are the result of many dedicated years of passion and research by those who love boating. This marine power source is known for its compactness, noiselessness, lightness and numerous other enhancements to deliver power and reliability.
  • Supplied with a remote control box and 10 m of plug-in cable
  • Designed with all the controls and engines parts which require routine maintenance on only one side
  • Built in fiberglass noticeably reduces noise
  • Supplied with pre-mounted external rubber mounts allowing easy installation
  • Special safety shutdown device automatically stops the engine in case of oil pressure and water temperature failure
  • Marine
Model No. CylindersDisplacement (cm³)Engine Power (kW)RPM
LMG 400013494.93000
LMG 600014427.43000
LMG 90002686113000
LMG 1400031028183000
LMG 180004137222.53000

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