It’s great to see Kohler Engines being a standard piece of equipment used on all AGI Wheatheart Augers.

AGI Wheatheart are a market leader in manufacturing high-quality, portable grain augers and grain handling accessories with their dealers spanning across the East Coast of Australia.

Kohler Engines that are powered on AGI Wheatheart Augers include:

 Kohler CH730 (23hp) model – used on AGI Wheatheart XTA Augers
 Kohler CH750 (27 hp) or CH940 (32 hp) model – used on AGI Wheatheart R Series Augers
 Kohler ECH980 (38 hp) – used on AGI Wheatheart GHR Augers

These Kohler Engines are designed to bring power and reliability so your auger can perform when you need it most.

If you are interested in these Kohler powered augers, please refer to your nearest AGI Wheatheart dealer.