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EPG Engines, Australia’s exclusive central distributor is delighted to announce the availability of the game-changer in the industry, the KOHLER KSD Engines! This news opens a new world of possibilities, offering you cutting-edge engine solutions that redefine performance, efficiency, and reliability in the industry.

The KSD Series are simple, advanced, and versatile engines that are among the most awarded engines ever, winning the DIESEL Of The Year by DIESEL magazine and Engine of the Year at the Diesel Progress Summit Awards. These awards celebrate the excellence, achievement, and innovation in the field of diesel.

Meeting Global Emissions Standards: the KOHLER KSD engine is a game-changer in emissions compliance, meeting all global standards for engines below 19 kW. This means you can trust its eco-friendly design while ensuring your operations align with regulatory requirements.

Unmatched Electronic Control: one of the standout features of the KOHLER KSD engine is its advanced electronic control system. This system not only enhances performance but also ensures seamless integration into existing machine platforms. With precise fuel metering and excellent load response, you'll experience increased productivity like never before.

Revolutionary Combustion System: the KOHLER KSD engine boasts an innovative architecture that combines the best of both indirect and direct injection systems. This maximises engine performance across all operating conditions, outstanding engine response, and remarkable low-end torque values. Say goodbye to visible black smoke, noise, and vibrations, and hello to a smoother, more efficient operation.

Easy Installation: no need for machine re-design! KOHLER KSD engines offer a drop-in solution for existing applications, making installation a breeze and minimising downtime for your operations.

Service & Total Cost of Ownership: KOHLER KSD engines are not just about performance; they're also about reducing the total cost of ownership. You can minimise machine downtime and maximise uptime with features like prognostic, diagnostic, geolocation, and remote monitoring capabilities. Plus, maintenance is a breeze with service intervals of up to 2000 hours for the Poly-V fan belt and up to 500 hours for both oil and fuel filters. Combine this with a 3-year warranty providing up to 2000 hours of protection, and you have an engine that's powerful and cost-effective.

two Kohler KSD Engines

Compliant with all emissions standards worldwide

Kohler KSD Engines range: The series includes: KSD 1403TCA, a turbo common rail with aftercooler engine. KSD 1403TC, a turbo common rail engine, and the KSD 1403NA, a naturally aspirated engine. 

KOHLER KSD Engines are a game-changer in the industry, offering unmatched performance, efficiency, and reliability. Whether you're upgrading your existing equipment or searching for a reliable engine for your new projects, KOHLER KSD engines are the perfect choice.

For more information, contact EPG Engines on 1800 122 770 or locate your closest dealer here.

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